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Enjoy 50+ Readers, Healers and Vendors at our Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair!


12-1pm - Free Intuitive Panel

1-8pm - Free Talks (see the list of talks below)

12-8pm - Metaphysical & Wellness Fair (see the list of vendors below)


Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Crystal • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!




Sessions are provided at stations for a fee.


We have a FREE INTUITIVE PANEL from 12-1pm, a selection of our practitioners will offer their work for free in an informal panel format, answering your questions. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Arrive on time to get your question in!


The Fair and Talks will continue until 8pm.

At this Fair, enjoy these READINGS, HEALINGS & VENDORS:

•Shamanic Energy Clearing & Healing with Alethea Devi of Revealed Heart Consulting

•ConnectionYogi Dating Astrology with Amber Blase (roving practitioner)

•Intuitive Readings & Mediumship with Amylia Jayne of Sense Amylia

•Soul Coaching, Chakra Clearing & Auric Healing with Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader

•Tarot & Oracle Interpretation with Brionna Chelgren

•Clairvoyant~Mediumship & Shamanic Healing with Cammra Lenz of Psychic Canvas

•Color Splach Readings (with paint), Psychic Mediumship, Object & Pet Readings with Sincearay Vereen

•Medical Intuition, Chinese Medicine & Readings with Psychic Medium CHERI

•Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons with Dave Markowitz

•Clear Energies That Block Love with Deborah's Sehkmet Healing Services

•Japanese Acupuncture & Quantum Shiatsu with Dessa Bingley

•Numerology, Touch Therapy & Reiki with Dianne Siegfried of Intuitive Hands of Light

•Tarot with Dominoes Readings, Reiki & Dream Interpretation with Eclectic Mystic Dylan Cameron

•Wildsoul Tarot Readings, Yoga, & Energy Healing with Eve Batchelder

•Organic Produce Delivery Service by Full Circle

•Galactic Energy Activations & Star Family Readings with Galactic Ashley

•Energy Healing & Retreats, Meditation, Tachyon Chamber, Crystal Grid with Gary Merrill

•Stones and Stone Jewelry with Gene Finney of Nature's Works

•Inner Magic Coaching with Heather Mist Smith

•Vibrational Sound Therapy with Chaz of Sound Crystal Vibrations

•Energy Healing, Chakra Alignment & Tarot Readings with Jamie Alascia of Ephelia Healing Arts

•Light Samples & Sessions with Jennifer Beaman of Psychedelic Sunlight

•Divine Connection Clairvoyant Readings + Crue Specialty Wares with Jessica

•Readings, Classes & Retreats with Jessie Starr

•Mother Earth Orgone EMF Protection Devices with John Thompson (30 or 60)

•Tarot Readings & Reiki Healing with Judith Smith of Rising Shine Reiki Healing & Tarot

•Tarot Readings & Energy Healing with Julie Baltzley

•Reiki Energy Healing & Reiki-Infused Products with Julie Svoboda of Reiki Says Relax

•Intuitive Healing with Kea Charmak of WithinOvation It's Clear

•Intuitive Readings & Jewelry with Kirstin

•Intuitive Eye Readings & Emotional Energy Healing with Laureli Shimayo

•Crystals, Jewelry & Smudges with Lauren & Jenn of Hearts Compass

•Tarot Card Readings with Luna Supreme

•Magnetic Hematite Jewelry with Mark Edward Kapla of Magnet Rocks

•Crop Circles & Vibrational Attunements with Nadi Hana and Daniel Steinmetz LMT

•Intuition & Mediumship Readings with Nicole Intuitive Medium

•Laser Reiki & Mayan Readings with Raina Dawn Mills of Rainbow Butterfly Reiki

•Transformation Coach/Energy Healing & Eunoia Energy Encounters with RaShar Divine

•Grow Your Business 101 - Heart-Centered Marketing & Manifestation Group Classes with Rob Bury (roving practitioner)

•Transformational Intuitive Sessions with Robert Zakian

•Dance Classes & Workshops with Ronnie Ambar of Bellydance for Healing

•Feng Shui Products & Mini Consults with Sandra Jeffs of Finesse Feng Shui

•Crystals, Energy Readings & Healing with Sarai Johnson of of Sacred Secular

•Intuitive Soul Readings and Chakra Reading & Uplift with Rae~Ven

•Runes with Theresa Wolf-Silva

•Oracle Readings, Chakra Clearings & Reiki Infused Bath Salts with Victoria Garrett of Soulgasm

•Psychic Mediumship & Intuitive Readings with Wendella Rhoads

•"Find Your Bliss" with Wynnie of Blissful Wynnie Books

Enjoy these Talks:

In The Chapel

• 12-1:15pm: Free Intuitive Panel & Vendor Introductions

• 1:30-2:20pm: Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons with Dave Markowitz
• 2:30-3:20pm: Auto Immune Answers with Ellen Gyberg
• 3:30-4:20pm: Practical Astrology: Simplifying the Language of Nature with TulaFae
• 4:30-5:20pm: Shamanism & Family Constellations with Alethea Devi
• 5:30-6:20pm: The Consciousness of Crop Circles with Nadi Hana
• 6:30-7pm: Dating When Your Astrology Makes You Most Magnetic [free ConnectionYogi Timeline] by Amber Blase
• 7:10-8pm: Medicine in Motion: Gentle Yoga for Emotional Resiliency with Eve Batchelder


In the Entrance Hall

• 1:30-2:20pm: (coming soon)
• 2:30-3pm: Staying Young and Healthy By Utilizing Your Quantum Energy with John Thompson
• 3:15-3:45pm: Sound & How it Heals with James Chavez
• 4-4:30pm: Exploring the Wonders of Quartz with Lauren Whitley & Jenn Reed
• 4:45-5:15pm: Bellydance for Healing: Movement Medicine for the Feminine Soul with Ronnie Ambar
• 5:30-6pm: Heal with Light Energy with Jeannifer Beaman
• 6:15-6:45pm: Breaking Limiting Beliefs & Patterns with Jessie Starr
• 7-8pm: Psychic Abilities, Awakening & the Wisdom Traditions with Tricia Martini-Owen


In the Balcony on the Steps

• 1:45-2:15pm: Galactic Magic with Crystals & Meteorites with Galactic Ashley
• 2:30-3:30pm: Raise Your Voice: Drum Journey to Connect to Your Power by Accessing Your Subconscious Wisdom with Brenda Bryan
• 3:45-4:15pm: The Science Behind Energy Healing with Julie Svoboda
• 4:30-5:30pm: Tools for Lightworkers with Jamie Alascia
• 6-7pm: Using the Enneagram to Find and Build Spiritual Strength with Naomi Eklund


In the Balcony on the South Side Circle

• 1:45-2:15pm: Revolutionize Dating: Meet Your Tribe at with Heather Dougherty
• 2:30-3pm: Uncovering Your True-Self with Robert Zakian
• 3:15-3:45pm: Paradigm Shift 2020 & Beyond: Eunoia Energy Encounters of Light Walker Academy with RaShar Divine Hardin
• 4-4:50pm: WTF is Self Care & Self Love and Why Do We Need Them? with Kea Charmak
• 5:30-6:20pm: (coming soon)


We've got a great new and larger venue: Unity of Portland in inner SE Portland. There are two free parking lots: adjacent to the west and across the street to the east. Enter at the front up some short stairs or through the back on wheels.


The event is on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 12-8pm at 4525 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215 (45th and SE Stark).


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