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Free MeWe Enlightening Talks, Readings & Healings on Wednesday May 6, 6-8pm PT (9-11pm ET) https://zoom.us/j/845224889?pwd=QVh0a2hTV0MwZlVUUGFETTZYZTVCdz09 JoinMeWeOnline.com and click the button to join us in zoom)

Join our MeWe Enlightening Talks, Readings & Healings Online with Cara James, Satora Oswald, Dr. JeM YinJoy, and Laureli Shimayo.

Today's Talks/Healings/Readings are:
* Group Healing
* Love is in the Stars
* Decoding Microbes for Seekers, Healers & Mystics
* Ascending the Spiral: 7 World View Consciousness Lessons

Event is hosted by Laureli Shimayo & MeWeFairs.com

Let us educate, enlighten and empower you, so you easily make it through blocks, twists and turns on your path.

The event will likely be recorded and posted online.

If you share your feedback about our event on our online form and agree to be on our four email lists, you’ll get entered into a drawing for a free 30 minute session with one of us of your choice. Your feedback while at or promptly after the event may be shared at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScFYUXgS5KfKoI_Fj4DseP-5eWAuZYpUPCBQh9gitFWcl7ZPQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

The 4 Enlightening Talks/Healings/Readings today are:

TALK: Group Healing
Satora Oswald
Well of Love Energy Healing
Intuitive Guidance with Ascended Masters & Angels
Channeling & Energy Healing Sessions
(360) 481-8716
SPECIAL: $1.50/min (25% off, booked by 5/17 & $0.50/min (75% off) for those severely financially affected by the pandemic

Talk: Love is in the Stars
Love planet Venus goes retrograde on May 12th, at a time when relationships are already under pressure for many. Intuitive Astrologer Cara James will share about the Venus Star Point, a revolutionary astrological way of understanding how you give and receive in relationships, to best navigate these times. Learn about the sacred geometry of Venus, her dual role as Morning and Evening Star (warrior and goddess), and how to find your unique star point to transform your relationships.
Cara James
Intuitive Astrologer
SPECIAL: $30 Off a 60, 90 or 120 min session until 5/31, CODE=MEWETALK (new clients only)

TALK: Decoding Microbes for Seekers, Healers & Mystics
Dr. JeM shows how to create relationships with Microbe Spirit Guides by using her Microbe Whisperer, Oracle Cards and Guidebook. These cards can be used for divination, seeking and mystical work.
25 min Talk, 5 min Q&A, Breakout Room discussion
Dr. JeM Yinjoy, PhD
Animal Guide Readings with Microbe Whisperer Cards
*COVID-19 Crisis Donations: Microbe Whisperer is donating 2% of any purchase from the website to fund COVID-19 Vaccine Development and the purchase of protective equipment for Medical Care providers.

TALK: Ascending the Spiral: 7 World View Consciousness Lessons
30 min Talk, Q&A + Discussion
Laureli Shimayo
Intuitive Eye Reading & Body Psychology
Life, Leadership & Love Coaching
Matchmaking & Conscious Online Dating
SPECIAL: $20/10min, $30/20min, $40/30min, $60/hr (50% off)

What: MeWe Enlightenment Talks, Readings & Healings

When: Wednesday May 6, 6-8pm PT (9-11pm ET)

Where: Online via Zoom at JoinMeWeOnline.com or at https://zoom.us/j/845224889?pwd=QVh0a2hTV0MwZlVUUGFETTZYZTVCdz09 or at
Meeting ID: 845224889
Password: 058314

Optionally sign up at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-talks-astrology-love-animal-totems-worldview-ascension-tickets-104019015676

Text Laureli at 720-352-2434 if you have any trouble getting in the zoom room.

How Much: FREE

How: Join us in https://zoom.us/j/845224889?pwd=QVh0a2hTV0MwZlVUUGFETTZYZTVCdz09 - Go to JoinMeWeOnline.com and click the button to join us in zoom

Please note that this event is not a therapeutic setting, and we are not here in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, do not consider this event as a substitute for such care.

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