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6-9pm PT

Private Sessions


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Enjoy 20+ Readers & Healers at our ONLINE Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair!  


Free Admission.


We'll meet online at

We'll introduce ourselves and answer questions, do readings plus answer general questions about metaphysics, intuition, energy healing, etc. 

This Metaphysical & Wellness Fair runs from 6-9pm PT, 7-10pm MT, 8-11pm CT, 9-12am ET

The group conversation and Q&A is free. Private sessions are provided for a fee.

We have FREE INTUITIVE PANELS throughout the evening with a selection of our practitioners (whomever is not in session) - they'll offer their work for free in an informal panel format, answering your questions. This is a great way to sample our practitioners - having them answer your question and hearing them answer questions from others. Join us to get your question in!

We'll all meet by video in a common room. There will be two panels. You'll be able to have exploratory conversations with practitioners. Sessions and some longer talks will happen in private zoom rooms. The Fair will continue for 3 hours.

Enjoy these Talks:

In Main Room - FREE

• The Total Mind and Body Transformation - How to Transform Your Mind & Body So You Can Look and Perform Better than Ever with Alexa Gibbons

• What is Shamanic Astrology? - Bring Out Your Hidden Gifts, Your Blocks, and Also Reveal Your Soul's Rewards with Erik Roth

• Three Essential Elements of YOU with Michael J Kaminski DD

• Do-It-Yourself Past Life Exploration with Susy Goins

• Breaking Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Jessie Starr 

• The Royal Art of Alchemy with Gina Citoli


In Private Room

• Workshop: How to Kick the Sugar Habit - Why We Start and Can’t Stop, and How to Kick the Habit for Good with Alexa Gibbons 

• Transforming Limiting Beliefs with Theta Healing with Sandra Jeffs 

• 7-7:30pm: FREE - The Epstein Barr Virus Explained with Ellen Gyberg 

• 8pm: The Royal Art of Alchemy - Adventures into Personal Transformation with Gina Citoli

Enjoy these readings, healings and sessions:

• Conscious Health Coaching with Alexa Gibbons of Duvall Roots Health Coaching
• Medical Intuition with Ellen Gyberg
($20/15 min)
• Shamanic Astrology with Erik Roth (, $20/15 min mini-readings, discount offered on longer session)
• Alchemical Advising, Tarot and Shamanism with Gina Citoli
• Break Through Your Beliefs with Empathic/Intuitive Psychic Jessie Starr
• Psychic Mediumship & Animal Communication with Joelle Rae
(, $20/15min)
• Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy with Dr. Joselyn S
• Intuitive Eye Readings & Emotional Energy Healing with Laureli Shimayo
(, $2-3/min, 33% Off)
• Clairvoyant Crystal Readings & Spiritual Consults with Michael J Kaminski DD of Spirit Quest Academy
• Theta Healing with Sandra Jeffs
(, $50/hr, 37% Off)
• Intuitive Soul Reading, Divination & Akashic Energy Healing with Rae~Ven (, $80/hr, $30/20min, 20% Off)
• Heart-Centered Healing with Susy Goins of Blue Flame Healing
• Runes with Theresa Wolf-Silva
• Channeled Messages from Find Your Bliss by Wynnie
(Messages are Free, Book is $10 each, 2 for $18, Free Shipping Special, or (651)428-3568 by text)

Many more coming!

We'll meet on Wednesday May 29, 6-9pm PT, 7-10pm MT, 8-11pm CT, 9-12am ET 

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Practitioners, if you’d like to share your work in this or a future online event, please click on the Get a Booth button and fill out the form at

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