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Enjoy 12+ Readers & Healers at our ONLINE MeWe Metaphysical Fair for Energizing Body Mind Heart & Soul! Free Admission. Experience a sampling of different metaphysical and alternative health practitioners sharing intuition, wisdom, guidance and more - very similar to a live Fair in person, but we meet online!

March 21 is special! On March 21, Saturn will return to the sign of Aquarius for the first time since 1993. What can we expect in the coming months? We'll have speakers and practitioners who address this significant energy shift.

We offer an Intuitive Panel (several practitioners answer your questions), informative and experiential talks and practitioner introductions for FREE every hour! See the list of practitioners and talks below. You are also welcome and encouraged to do sessions or purchase session vouchers for a reduced fee.

Have you been timid to attend a metaphysical event and wanted a way to learn with more privacy? Or you are not able to attend our in-person events in WA and OR? Enjoy a sampling of all things metaphysical at this event! Explore!

We meet online at (

Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Medical Intuition • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Spirituality and much more!

In our Online Sampler & Fair, there are three types of "rooms":
* BIG - we all meet together
* MEDIUM - ask for or join one to talk with a practitioner in more detail about their work, ask questions about pricing, etc.
* SMALL - where you do private sessions with practitioners

Every Fair includes a different set of practitioners offering a wide range of modalities. In the BIG room all together, we do practitioner introductions, Free Talks, Group Healings, and Free Intuitive Panels. In the Intuitive Panel, the practitioners who are not in sessions answer questions from the audience, do sample readings and answer general questions about metaphysics, intuition, energy healing, etc.

Everything offered int the BIG room is free. All practitioners are available for free for conversations about their work in MEDIUM rooms - ask for such an opportunity, and we'll create it. Some practitioners also offer longer talks for free as well as classes and group healings for a small fee (again, in a MEDIUM room). An individual session with a practitioner happens in a SMALL room, just as at a table at a Fair, except that here you meet in private! Ask for a private session, and we'll create it!

***Please support us to continue having these events by purchasing sessions and classes with our practitioners. Some practitioners also sell special Fair discount session vouchers and allow you to schedule the sessions at a later time.

Free free to drop in at any time during the event and stay as long as you'd like.


Enjoy these 15 Minute Talks in the Big Room:
4:15 - How to Use the Power of the Organized Revolutionary, Saturn in Aquarius with Stephanie Shea
4:45 - Finding You with Brandy Roberts
5:15 - Gifted: Bring Your Extraordinary Awareness to Your Everyday Life with Debra Talbert
5:45 - Tarot to Heal from a Patriarchal Society with Darin
6:15 - The Divine Journey of the Major Arcana with Henry India Holden
6:45 - Divine Galactic Light Energy Meditation and a Cosmic Perspective on the Power of Transitioning Timelines with Galactic Ashley

Enjoy these Longer Talks in Medium Rooms:
4:30 - How to Use the Power of the Organized Revolutionary, Saturn in Aquarius (Continued) with Stephanie Shea
5:30 - Releasing Stuck Fears from the Past with Sandra Jeffs
6:00 - Living A Created Life with DeBorah Beatty
6:30 - Everyday Archangels with Christy Michelle Riggs

Experience these Practitioners:

• Tarot & Astrology Readings with Madame Ximon of Icon Alchemy
• Past Life Insights with Susy Goins of Blue Lightning Healing
(, $2/min)
• Akashic Readings, Energy Clearing + Protection with Susan Sinclair of GraceFlow Healing Arts (, $2/min, $55/30min is 33% off, $100/hr is 43% off)
• Astrology Birth Chart Readings with Stephanie Shea of Cardinal Fire Astrology
• Spiritual Life Coaching with Savitri Devi-Dasi
(Fair only mini-sessions: $25/20 min Discount special for 1 session after the fair, 25% off: $60/30 min, $90/45 min, $120/1 hour, $30/15 min check-in)
• Empowerment Readings with Satora Oswald ($24/20 min, $32/30 min is a 20% discount)
• Theta Healing with Sandra Jeffs (, $50/hr is 37% off)
• Intuitive Eye Readings & Body Psychology Coaching with Laureli Shimayo (, Offering “coupons” for sessions at a later date, 25-33% off regular rates, $30/10 min, $50/20 min, $70/30 min, $120/hour)
• Intuitive Psychic Jessie Starr of
• Divinely Guided Tarot Readings with Henry India Holden
(, MeWe Fair Special: $35 for 30 min is $20 off)
• Galactic Energy Activations & Star Family Readings with Galactic Ashley (
• Mini Personal Discovery Session with DeBorah Beatty of Created Life Strategies
• Trans-personal Life Coaching with Debra Talbert
(, 20 minute private coaching session $20.99)
• Empathic Tarot Readings with Darin (, video readings from $23/15 min is 20% off)
• Energy and Chakra Healings with Crispina of Body & Brain (, $15/ 10 min Chakra Healing, $25/20 min Energy Healing)
• Angel Sessions: Angel Card Readings and Spiritual Coaching Sessions with Christy Michelle Riggs of Angel Bee
• Psychic Readings of Mind, Body & Spirit with Brandy Roberts
• Psychic Consultations & Tarot Readings with Toni of Witch Goddess Transformation Center
• Psychic Readings, Energy Healing/Reiki, Clinical Hypnosis with Ann Marie of the Lifestyle Goddess
( $40/ 20 min is 20% off)

The Online MeWe Fair is on Saturday March 21 from 4-7pm PT, 5-8pm MT, 6-9pm CT, 7-10pm ET.

Join the Fair online at and click on the button to Click Here to Join Fair.

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Practitioners, if you’d like to share your work in this or a future online event, click on the Get a Booth button and fill out the form at

Zoom training sessions are offered monthly for practitioners who are new to the Online Fairs or simply want to learn how to share their work online. The next training session is Thursday, Mar 19, at 7:30-8:30pm PT in the same zoom. Email to get reminders before the next training and to confirm your attendance.

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