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Community Connection & Networking

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The Conscious Community Event in the northwest began in my home and took off with my MeWe Fairs. We began by gathering - practitioners and the public - as a community to share and explore who we are, our interests in Metaphysics, Spirituality, Mysticism, Consciousness & Alternative Health, with our desire to connect.

With all that is happening across the globe, I continue feeling the desire to connect as an inclusive community, again and again. In many ways this is what our many events are about - creating space for like hearts, minds and souls to gather. And there is more.

I envision again, all of us, in a virtual circle. Equals. Souls on a journey. Sharing briefly about who we are, our passions and our desires for ourselves and humanity.

Heart-touching. Soul-dancing. Energy-synergizing. Collaboration-forming. Net-playing. Event-inventing. Gift-trading. Solution-brewing. Expansion-igniting. Witch-witching. Goddess-invoking. Confidence-raising. Health-promoting. And the list goes on and on....

Want to join us?

Things we might each share in the Circle (in 1-2 min or so):
- Name
- Pronoun (
- Location on the Globe
- Interest in Intuition, Spirituality, Wellness, etc.
- If you are a practitioner or vendor, a glimpse as to how you opened to this gift (as this often empowers others to open as well)
- A few lines in the chat about your interests and how those desiring to connect with you can reach you (light networking)

If the group grows so big, we may split into breakout rooms. We'll see!

What: Community Gathering

When: Friday June 5, 5-6:30pm PT (8-9:30pm ET, 10am-11:30am AEST on Saturday 6 June)

Where: Online via Zoom at or at and text Laureli at 720-352-2434 or write on messenger if you have any trouble getting in (we are aiming to prevent zoom bombers). Meeting ID: 845224889 and the Password: 058314

How Much: FREE

This event is on Facebook at:

Laureli Shimayo is a Connectress. In addition to running the MeWe Fairs & Events for Energizing Body, Mind, Heart & Soul, she offers Intuitive Eye Reading & Body Psychology Coaching,,, 720-352-2434

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