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MEW Fair ONLINE Jan 13 2019 v2b_preview.

THUR DEC 12, 5-8pm PT (6-9 MT, 7-10 CT, 8-11 ET)

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ONLINE Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair (details)

THUR JAN 2, 4-8pm PT (5-9 MT, 6-10 CT, 7-11 ET)

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ONLINE Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fair (details)

If you are having any technical trouble, please don't hesitate to text or call our team:

     Malia R: 303-931-3762

     Laureli S: 720-352-2434 (I'm the Founder and an Intuitive Eye Reader)

Some Optional Techie Details...


You'll have more options if you download the app, however you can also connect through a browser. The button above ought to work to connect you into the Fair, and you can also paste into a browser. and both bring you back to this page.

The most common problem is not being able to hear or be heard. Look for a box in which you can turn on "computer sound" and alternatively, leave the meeting and come back. If you are still stuck, contact us at the numbers above. Mute will likely be on when you join. There is a button at the bottom left to turn your microphone on and speak. And a video on/off toggle too. Click on Participants to raise your hand. Click on Chat to open a panel to write and read. Ask questions in the chat, raise your hand, or turn on your microphone when it is silent. We'll aim to facilitate and balance everyone's sharing, and please let us know if you need help or have questions for the admins.

Many people are on the call. At the top right there is toggle for Gallery View/Speaker View. And there are arrows to the right and left to scroll through everyone. 

Details on all the Practitioners and their offerings is available. Look for their names in the squares too - we all start with P (Practitioner). We all set our own prices, and many of us offer free samples - in the panel and in a discussion before you decide to start a session.

There are tips on as well as support.

We are offering online training to practitioners for zoom and the Online Fairs. The next trainings in December will be posted soon! Email Malia ( to be added to the list, or join spontaneously by clicking the Join Fair Here button at the top of this page.

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