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Join 60 Readers, Healers and Vendors in our Metaphysical Empowerment Fair! Free Intuitive Panel @12-1pm, then enjoy Free Talks all day long with 60 stations - readers, healers and vendors.

Psychics • Channels • Shamanic Sessions • Sound Healing • Akashic Records • Tarot • Mediumship • Dream Readings • Intuition • Eye Reading • Jewelry • Medical Intuition • Crystal • Reiki • Theta Healing • Bodywork • Archangels • Oracles • Spirits and Guides • Astrology • Hypnotherapy • Reflexology • Spirituality and much more!


Sessions for a fee.

We'll have two sets of Free Talks:

• 1:30 Traditional Chinese Medicine with Cheri Pang
• 2:00 Fall Wellness with a Natural Lifestyle & Essential Oils with Ashleah Collver
• 2:30 Easing & Amplifying Your Ascension with Brian Cohen-Doherty
• 3:00 Active Driven Terpene's & the Endocannbinoid System and Clinical EndoCannbinoid Deficiency with Dee Anne Nhuys
• 3:30 Gujon Speaks: The Nature of the Cosmos with D. Xavier Lu
• 4:00 Heart & Emotional Group Healing with Elizabeth Honey Hariri
• 4:30 Spiritual Support & Protection with Aromatherapy with Michelle Mahler
• 5:00 101 Past Life Clues By Lisa Ezell
• 5:30 Sound and How it Heals with Chaz
• 6:00 TBA with Sandra Jeffs
• 1:30 Think Your Change with Sojourn Grey
• 2:30 The Path to Longevity Through Gut Health: Diet, Enzymes, and CBD Secrets with Lada Korol
• 3:30 Being a Healthier Empath with Naomi Eklund
• 4:00 Live Younger! Activate Your Stem Cells! with Lorri Goodman
• 4:30 Energy Healing for Your Awakened Soul Path and Home with Patti & Joe
• 5:00 Breaking Limiting Beliefs and Patterns with Jessie Starr
• 5:30 Exploring the Wonders of Quartz with Lauren & Jenn
• 6:00 The Art of Ascension with Chandika Ishaya
• 6:30 Bring Peace to the World, But Start with You! with Guy Avenell

At this Fair, enjoy these Readers, Healers and Vendors:
• Crystal Negative Ion Products with Aaron Cooper of Better Earth Research and Development
• Sacred Henna Art with Anna Blon
• Shamanic Energy Energy Clearing & Illumination/ Power Animal Journey with Ashera Serfaty of Luminosity Healing Arts
• Essential Oils, Crystals, Chakra & Wellness Tools with Ashleah Marie Collver of Young Living
• Tarot with Aunia Kahn Tarot
• Health and Wellness Water with Benjamin Ginsberg of Langenburg Water
• Ugly Produce, Delivered with Blair Farmer of Imperfect Produce
• Awakening & Ascension Empowerment with Brian Cohen-Doherty of Radiant Amplified Healing
• Medical Intuition, Astrology & Clairvoyance with Cara James of Elemental Healing for Hearts & Homes
• Psycards Products & Readings with Queen of the Psycards, Catt Foy
• Medical Intuition, Chinese Medicine & Readings with Psychic Medium Cheri Pang
• Medical Intuitive Readings for Humans & Pets with Cindy Myers
• Tarot Readings with Connie of Larksong Readings
• Bocannaco CBD products
• Channeled Wisdom & Guidance with D. Xavier Lu of Multiverse Connections
• Tarot with Dominoes Readings & Reiki with Eclectic Mystic Dylan Cameron
• Metaphysical Heart Healings & Readings with Elizabeth Honey Hariri
• Intuitive Tarot Readings with Fiachna Cybele
• Stress relief from $14 Million Program with Guy Avenell of Embody Peace
• Core Synchronism with Hope Miller
• Vibrational Sound Therapy with Chaz Pro of Sound Crystal Vibrations
• Higher Self Readings for Psychic Alignment & Awakening with Jeanie Sparkx Fine
• Break Through Your Beliefs with Empathic/Intuitive Psychic Jessie Starr
• Intuitive & Channeled Tarot Guidance with Jill Amy Sager
• Spirit Guides Tarot Readings with Karen Campbell
• Quantum Therapy Readings & Energy Healings with Kea Charmak of WithinOvation It's Clear
• Channeling & Organite with Kendra Gusdorf Jonas
• Intuitive Readings & Jewelry with Kirstin Intuitive Ackerman
• Reiki Healing & Vegan Digestive Supplements with Lada Korol
• Intuitive Eye Readings & Emotional Energy Healing with Laureli Shimayo
• Crystals, Jewelry & Smudges with LaurenJenn HeartsCompass
• Spell Candles, Oils, Herbs, Gems, Jewelry and Tarot with Sojourn Grey of Sacred Rebel Grove
• Hands-On Healing & Massage with Lisa DiLuna, LMT
• 101 Past Life Clues & Old Soul Jewelry with Lisa Ezell of Speaking Spiritual Codex
• Tarot Readings with Lisa of Red Moon Raven Interpretive Arts
• Live Younger! Activate Your Stem Cells! with Lorri Goodman
• Medical Intuition with MaryJayne Starre
• Custom Aromatherapy Blends & Power Animal Totem Scents with Michelle Mahler with Circle of Healing Essential Oils
• Metaphysical Life Support, Readings & Guidance from Multiple Sources with Naomi Eklund
• Soul Path Clearing & Flower Essence Blends with Patti Leahy & Joe Casey of World Energy Healing
• Laser Reiki & Mayan Readings with Raina Mills of Rainbow Butterfly Reiki
• Aromatherapy for Health, Happiness, and Overall Wellbeing with Rachel London of Topsy Blends Aromatherapy
• Feng Shui Products & Mini Consults with Sandra Jeffs of Finesse Feng Shui
• Mind-Body Synthesis and Vibrational Medicine with Shanti & Yaakov Adams of Fauna Flora Terra
• Spiritual Insights from Appletree Healing
• Planet Medicines from the Amazon with Tammy Williams Miller of Mystic Planet
• Intuitive Life Coaching Psychic & Tarot and Bath Soaks with Valerie Hanley of The Fortunate Truth
• Psychic Mediumship & Intuitive Readings with Wendella Rhoads
• Animal and Nature Communication with Wendy Earthsong
• Destiny Cards Readings with Williex Merritt of Love Wisdom and Healing Ministries

Join us on Saturday October 26, 12-8pm at Unity of the Valley, 3912 Dillard Rd, Eugene.

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